Welcome to the first of (hopefully) many vlog posts! These posts would differ from my normal posts in a few obvious ways.

Video content will be the main focus here rather than written content. This site is really for me to have a way to post my creative video content freely, and remains separate from my other work.

There might be some posts where I may add some written content for context (such as this one), and others where it might just be a video. In fact, that’s sort of the reason why I enjoy video more — it’s because I can express everything I want to say without having to write!

It’s just much more interesting for me to create a video than writing a 1000+ word blog posts. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing!

But I’ve come to embrace the fact that I love creating video content more 🙂

I’m still trying to figure out the format I’d like for this site. But so far from what I’ve decided, you’ll probably see my “better videos” published as “portfolio projects”, and my more “casual videos” published as “vlog posts” like this one.

Most of my content isn’t meant to appeal to any specific target audience, other than perhaps folks interested in my random “day in the life” type adventures in Sapporo. So if you’re into that kind of content, please subscribe!

And if you like something you see, feel free to let me know about it in a comment 🙂

That said, in this vlog post, I share the highlights of some recent outings we had in Sapporo with my younger brother. He flew up here from America to visit us for a few days. So, we showed him around!

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